Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30th 2014

Here are the prints I got at ECCC. .

Since I have found a love for the Morrigan, mostly she has been following me around in the books I am reading, and not all of them are Celtic mythology either, I got these two prints. They are by an artist named John Garre from Corvid Comics.

I think the artist told me they were Ravens though.... not crows....

Here is a very nice lung dragon. I can't find the title of this one but the artist is Gillian Newland.

Joel got this original artwork of Choo-Choo Bear, the boneless cat from Something Positive.

I had Danielle Corsetto from Girls with Slingshots draw me Doom Kitty! and I also got a print of Jamie!

This kitty looked so sad I had to take him home! He is by Sugar Fueled.

Last but not least the cutest happiest things I have ever seen!! They are by Katy Hardgrove.

And finally.... yes I wore them all day!!