Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25th, 2014

Jen got me in to see the Oregon Zoo Lights on a special night! It was so cool because there was practically no one there and I could actually take some photos! Be prepared there are lots!

First, as you know, I love insects, here are the ones I liked tonight.

my personal favorite insect

now everything else:

Jen likes the wombat

Jen also likes this little puffin

There were also some animal awake!

The bats were really active!

and I have never seen this guy awake.....

Here are some other reptiles and an ampibian:

Since the weather was so nice, not raining and no wind, I tried a bit of freelensing too!

It was a fun night!
Hope you have a great night too!

Oh and if any one has any idea what this is and what mythology it might come from I would love to know.....