Saturday, January 14, 2017

January 14th, 2017

It was another cold day, so I did what I do a lot.

I made some cranes.

I also thought about politics. There is so much hate and anger right now. So many people are filled with pain they are lashing out at each other.

I love origami cranes. It isn't just their representation of hope, love, and peace.  Each one is truly unique. They are all made from the same exact folds but each one has its own imperfections. I have folded thousands of cranes. Each one has been different, even if the paper is the same.

To me cranes are the world. Each of our experiences fold us, shapes us, we are all so different. Yet there is something that is the same. We smile, we love, we hurt. There are tears and laughter.

When I fold 1000 cranes, it isn't about their differences, it becomes about the cranes sameness. What they are at their essence: little paper birds.

Maybe we are all just little paper birds trying to make our way in the world. Every experience reshapes us, takes pieces of us.

Until torn and tattered we come to rest.

Our experiences have brought us all together, for good and bad.  We can tear each other apart or lift each other up.

My hope is that we lift each other higher then we ever thought possible.

Is what I said coming from my place of white privilege?  I don't think so, but if it is let me know, I have my own imperfections that I would like to iron out.
That might have gotten a little deep... here is Inky:

Friday, January 13, 2017

January 13th, 2017

Yay! More winter!

Here are my snow boots. They were my mom's a million years ago.....

I waited for 30 minutes  for my bus today. I am actually happy it was late. It gave me a chance to see the ice crystals on the plants near by! These look better on Instagram @jessies6005 to see them.

This is not the bus stop with the cool plants.  Mom and Dad, check out the stop ID number!

Have a good night!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12th, 2017

Another day with our piles of snow. The sun did shine and melt some into a yucky-icy mess, that will be awful in the morning since temperatures are going to be as low 14 tonight. Yay!

NW Cornell Rd. This is the main road by our house.

The road leading from our house. .... I am not driving again until spring.....

Joel and I did have a lovely adventure going to the store and to get ice cream!

The Camilla tree fell over.....

I found a snow covered shopping cart at my complex! You know I love random shopping carts!

This tree fell over too..... 

The DEATH TRAP stairs are back......

but armed with kitty litter, hopefully we won't fall down the stairs.

Have a great warm night everyone!!

 Inky has decided to become a paper artist too!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 11th, 2017

The snowy night turned into a very snowy day!

You know how much I love random junk! This stove and water heater live in my parking lot along with a bath tub 💗

Inky said NOPE when she went outside.

Stay warm!! Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January 10th, 2017

Yeah... I know I promised adventure, but that didn't happen today because I am still LAZY, but I know that is eventually going to change, there is only so much stuff around the house that is interesting.

It started to snow again tonight.... now I know in most places this is not a big deal, but here, in Portland, it is a huge deal and everything shuts down and you can't drive anywhere...... part of me wants to have another day off, but then I will just have to make all the stuff up on a different day....

I guess we will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.....

My Dad brought me a great present at Christmas!

Yay!! My very own Macro Lens! Dad had sold most of our lenses from the "olden days" but for some reason he saved this one. Subconsciously, I think he knew that really I wanted one. But the one problem is it is an FD lens, not an ES lens.....

To fix this problem Dad gave me this dohicky. It lets the lens work on my camera!

Joel just brought me a present......

It's a snowman, he built it on his way home from the mailbox.

Have a great night!

I did get my other artwork up on my Facebook page.

Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9th, 2017

Work seems to take up more of my time then I really think is necessary. It also takes up most of the daylight hours in the winter.

The world thawed out today, which is nice. I am really tired of snow and ice. It is good to have some rain back with temperatures being 40ish degrees.

Inky and I still sit in front of the space heater in the evening.

For my latest non-photography art project, I ripped up a book. Ripping up a book is sort of emotionally disturbing, at least for me..... I have always really love books and it felt pretty wrong to rip out its pages then rip those pages into smaller pieces.  But I did it for the sake of art!

Detail of my latest work in progress
I have really enjoyed painting and crane making and collaging with little papers.

I think I will start an album of my other art work on the 6005 Photos facebook page,  or you can look though my instagram gallery (@jessies6005)

I am hoping for a tiny, very small photo adventure tomorrow..... so until then, have a great night!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 8th, 2017

Oh, hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I clawed my way out of the 2016 abyss and am ready to finish what I started.

2017 has started off alright, the most awesome thing is my photography is being featured at the West Linn Library, in West Linn, Oregon. I was supposed to have a reception today, but the Mother Nature decided that I needed to stay home instead. It snowed yesterday and today was an all day freezing rain fest.......

I have rescheduled my reception for January 29th. If  you are around come take a look. If you aren't here let me show you what you will be missing. And snacks, you will miss snacks too.

I thought this photo would be bigger.......

I did go out and brave a death trap to find some icy photos.

Not Kidding...... DEATH TRAP!

The stairs did hold some interesting texture.

The Fit is not Go. It is stay put until this clears up......

I might have not taken the best photos today. I am sure there were lovelier things to see, but on my walk about I nearly fell 20 times, so I had to look at my feet the whole time......

That is all to report today, I will see you again tomorrow!

Have a great night!

I know you are all missing Inky..... You can follow her on Instagram: @msinkyjones

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