Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30th 2014

Today Jen and I had the great idea of making cloaks for the up coming renaissance fair! We went to Fabric Depot to get some fabric. FYI they have a lounge for all those who were drug don't want to look at fabric with their significant other.

Here Jen is waiting for her fabric to be cut.

No, the My Little Pony fabric isn't for her cloak......

We found some neat patterns on line at Fleece Fun. Visit her web page she has lots of fun things to make! We added some trim to the patterns we picked. That turned our "hour-long project" into an all day affair.

Winding the Bobbin.... I should have paid closer attention to the background.

Here is Jen working:

For all the hours I spent today, I ended up with a hood and a cloak. My gathering stitch broke so I stopped for the night.

It isn't perfect but it is pretty good for my beginner sewing skills. I am sure there was an easier way to put trim on something but, we didn't know it.

Hope you have a great night!!

Joel and I are driving to Las Vegas for his family reunion tomorrow. I hope I will be able to get my blog posts up. If I am not able to rest assured I am taking photos!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29th 2014

Exciting news today! I am now employed as a photographer!! I work for a company that takes school photos. Not the most creative job, but I am hoping to learn what I can. Plus, I am now being paid to take photos. It is a temporary position for now.

Here is what I wore to my interview:


And today I successfully took a photo of Neutron.

We went out and celebrated my new job with some Thai food. I had a Thai ice tea.

 Jen had a Shirley Temple for the first time!

Adam ate the cherry....

And finally can you see this?

It is the new glass nose ring I am testing out. I need to hide the fact my nose is pierced.

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th 2014

It seems like I have a pretty good photo day followed by a pretty lousy photo day.....

Oh well, the nice this is there is always tomorrow right?

Jen finished her mini's today. She is nerding it up with a new Facebook cover photo.

This is a pretty cute one of Proton

Jackie doesn't hold still.... ever.....

Little frog!

Hope you have a good night.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27th 2014

Today was the last day of the Washington County Fair. I almost forgot to go to the fair and see how my entries did. I received two second place ribbons, three third place ribbons, and two honorable mentions. I suppose it isn't a bad showing to place on seven of the eight photos I entered. I did find the three of the judges selections for Best in Show questionable, but I am not a judge so what do I know.....

I took some photos while I explored the fair. I think I was biased toward the Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro's booth...  At least I found it the most visually appealing to me today. The animal barns were dark and all the animals were facing the wrong way.....

Yay! The queen took a photo with me!

There was also a very nice show garden.

And I learned how to ready a mule to pull a wagon.

Some of the gear he used was from the US Army in WW1

This little guy was hanging out at the Max Station. He seemed to be confused by the glass. I helped him out.

Have a great night!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26th 2014

I played with Artemis and Opal today. They aren't used to the 50D yet, so they were pretty shy.
Artemis is still molting a little you can see the new little feathers on his face.

Opal wouldn't hold still. The camera bothered her.

 I messed around with a bad shot of her and came up with this.... opinions?

I also found that we have a new roommate.

Here is a better photograph of Neutron. It still isn't very good. I need to work on my black cat photo skills......

I am going to try to publish my blog posts earlier in the evening. I hope you have a great night!

Friday, July 25, 2014

July 25th 2014

I worked on a secret project for quite some time today. Here is all that I will show you.

But if you are interested, I painted my masks, here are what they look like now. They aren't too bad for my first try.

Joel and I went to the DMV today at 3pm..... we promptly walked out... it was so full of people.... we went to Five Guys Burgers and had some fries and peanuts instead.... we will try again on Monday morning.

Hope you have a great night!