Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 12th 2014

Today's grand adventure lasted so long! We went from the Portland waterfront to the Oregon Coast! Sorry it is so late tonight!

First stop the Oregon Rail Heritage Center. Some of you may remember that I purchased a piece of art of a steam engine for my father. Today we saw that engine in person.

We saw all sorts of other engines too, many of them were being restored. (I will have to come up with some where to display the train photos. There are too many for my blog tonight.)

Here I am next to a wheel of the 700! It is so big!

We took an inexpensive ride, only $5 each, pulled by this engine.

Mom and Dad enjoyed the ride!

I found this back at the train yard.

We also took a look at the new Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge

After seeing the trains in Portland we headed for the coast to get away from the heat! We stopped at Camp 18, a restaurant dedicated to the the history of the logging industry.

It is going to get me!!

There was also this awesome rust there!

We ended up at at Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock. It was about 60 degress at the ocean.

She some how convinced him to go in!

Lastly, we found this old phone booth.

It still says Qwest!

But there is no dial tone.

It is way past my bed time! More adventure with Mom and Dad tomorrow!