Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 6th 2014

I felt like I had a pretty productive day today..... I didn't take any great photos but I did mount the photos I am going to enter in the fair.

I am pretty nervous to cut them out..... but I am sure it will be fine....

Thanks to everyone who helped me pick the photos to enter. I could only enter 2 per category (one black and white, one color)  with 8 total images.  There were lots of photos I wish I could have entered.

I also started painting my mini. I am going to try to make her a snow leopard..... It isn't that great, but it is pretty good for my very first time painting a mini. I am going to work on more of the details....and perhaps redo her eyes.... again....
I think Adam did a great job of giving her some more clothes to wear.

Jen's minis look great!! I think she has more patience then me.

I rearranged Artemis' home today. He has finally started chewing on his little hat!

 I made him a new toy. I saw him peck at is once.... He might be more interested as he gets used to it being in his environment.

It was another hot and sweaty day today!
Hope everyone has a cool evening.