Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th 2014

Happy Fourth of July for all of my American friends!

This is Sukkai. He a program bird for Wildlife Live at the Oregon Zoo. He was found on the shore of the Willamette River missing an eye and hurt wing. (you can see his right wing still shows his injury)

I went to the Oregon Zoo today. My roommate Jen works there and she took her mom and I behind the scenes in her department!

I met Ferdinand! He is a Hydrosaurus.  I think he might actually might be a dinosaur. Ferdinand is an education animal. He goes and visits schools, nursing homes, and helps out with programs at the zoo.

Here is Jen getting out King of Hearts. He is a California King Snake. He can be a handful, but he likes Jen and was very good when we met him. He is a program animal in training.

Look at his little heart in his head!

I also got to meet Bebeto and give him snacks!! He is prehensile-tail porcupine from South America.

Check out that tail!

I also got to meet a neat female Australian walking stick! She is about three months old. This kind of walking stick only lives for about 12 months.

This is a male walking stick.

These are walking stick eggs.

And some water beetles, they weren't nearly as friendly.....

This is Kamaria. She is a Milky Eagle owl. She is one of the worlds largest owls. She was born in captivity and shows off during the Wildlife Live show. She also goes to school programs and catered events.

This is Deschutes. He is a golden eagle. He was hit by a car an lost his right eye. He lives at the Oregon Zoo now and helps people learn about raptors.

Here are some other animals I saw at the zoo today!

Lily, her older brother Samudra, and Rose-Tu their mom.

This little female English sparrow was picking up feathers for her nest!

Jen's mom bought us ice cream! It was huckleberry ice cream.

Hope you have a great night!!

(Yes! I did bring my big camera out today!)
(and I learned that Artemis doesn't care for fireworks.... poor little guy)