Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 5th 2014

Jen and I have decided that we are going to paint some minis to go along with our Pathfinder campaigns. We bought our minis for Reaper Miniatures.

This stuff is really tiny....

This is my mini, she is a catfolk. Adam is going to build her some armor for me out of teeny tiny bit of putty.

Look how small the putty is!

Yellow and blue make....!

I will show you the final result after he is finished.

Jen is going to painting lots of minis. Her first one is an Axe Beak.

Her Axe Beak is the companion to her Druid.

Adam had to file her ears down so she is a human instead of an elf.

We are starting by painting our minis white.

Hope everyone has a great night!