Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27th 2014

Today was the last day of the Washington County Fair. I almost forgot to go to the fair and see how my entries did. I received two second place ribbons, three third place ribbons, and two honorable mentions. I suppose it isn't a bad showing to place on seven of the eight photos I entered. I did find the three of the judges selections for Best in Show questionable, but I am not a judge so what do I know.....

I took some photos while I explored the fair. I think I was biased toward the Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro's booth...  At least I found it the most visually appealing to me today. The animal barns were dark and all the animals were facing the wrong way.....

Yay! The queen took a photo with me!

There was also a very nice show garden.

And I learned how to ready a mule to pull a wagon.

Some of the gear he used was from the US Army in WW1

This little guy was hanging out at the Max Station. He seemed to be confused by the glass. I helped him out.

Have a great night!