Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 30th 2013

Pootie made sure that the Thanksmas tree was a good place to put presents.

 Iggy decided to inspect me while I was trying to take his photo.

We did a family portrait this morning. I don't have any of the photos, Dad took them all. I will post one when Dad shares them with me.

I actually took some landscape photos today. I was pretty happy with what I had until I got them up on my computer screen. It appears there may be some sort of artifact on my sensor. I switched and cleaned lenses... it is still there! UGH!

In Jackson Hole we saw some Trumpeter Swans. I was so excited. I love them. They were a bit too far away but I got a couple okay photos.

We made it to Boise in time for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Fortune Wok. It is so delicious, especially since we didn't eat a whole lot today.

This is Joel's brother Corwin. He is currently sporting the Evil Corwin goatee.....

 I am pretty exhausted and we still have another 8 hours to drive tomorrow. It was a good trip, and I am glad we went. I will also be very happy to be home again and sleeping in my own bed!

Friday, November 29, 2013

November 29th 2013

I met with some good friends I hadn't seen in a while.

 This is Guster.

 This is Sean. He is building my new webpages! He's Guster's dad.

Brandi and I met for coffee at the one coffee house in Riverton.... they closed at 5pm.....

 Downtown Christmas lights.

Pootie was very interested in having breakfast. (Dad is making french toast in the background.)

Thanksmas Decorations

We are headed back to Seattle in the morning!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 28th 2013

Today we celebrated Thanksmas. As per long standing tradition we had cinnamon rolls while we opened presents.

Pootie wanted some but she was still very skeptical of Joel.

I don't have any photos of our tree or opening the presents. Dad is in charge of that.... and .... I have three camera batteries.... you think one of them would have had a charge.... Nope.... why would I want to have a charged camera battery for a special occasion?

Later in the afternoon when both cameras had full batteries Dad and I went out to take some photos. Joel and mom wanted to stay home and cook.

This is the NOAA weather station that is about 5 miles from my house.

My high school. They added the murals and the stadium after I graduated.

The view from the top of Main Street hill looking down town.

Home sweet home!

Mom and Dad spent most of the summer hauling rocks to fill in this side yard.

Mom and Joel crated a wonderful dinner or us! Joel is a vegetarian so mom made some ravioli lasagna stuff. It was very tasty!

Then we played cribbage. I lost.... badly... no biggie.... I always loose when I play with my mom.... or Joel for that matter!

And finally today's photos of Pootie and Iggy.

And last... Here is a photo of my Mom.... She HATES having her photo taken, but dad and I always do it anyway.... poor Mom.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 27th 2013

In December of 2008 I sent my cats to live with my parents. While it was the best thing for my kitties, it is still one of the biggest regrets I  carry in my heart. My cats are fat, happy, and spoiled beyond belief my parents love them maybe more then they love me.....

My grey cat, Pootie Tang, was the first cat I  have ever had in my life. She was born in my friends closet in Eugene OR June 20th 2002 and he gave her her name. She was my soul sister, now she is just VERY angry at me. I love her so much. She is actually a very snobby, grumpy, bitchy, mean ninja cat. She loves to eat cheese, popcorn and butter. Pootie always has a lot to say.
Catnip makes her mean.....

Iggy Pop is my brown tabby. I wanted to name him Ziggy Stardust, but he just wasn't cool enough for the name. So I went with Iggy Pop. I adopted him from a shelter in Portland OR in August of 2006. We assumed his birthday is June 15th 2006.  Iggy is a true scaredy cat. He assumes everything is going to kill him and most food is poisoned. It takes many long hours, days or months or observation before he decides that anything is okay. He also has the smallest meow. He is a 17 pound cat and sounds like a tiny kitten....

We ventured out into Riverton a bit today. We tried to find some lunch.... It is hard to find any sort of vegetarian fair in a Wyoming town of 10,000 people. Joel ate a grilled cheese.....
Here is a little snip-it of  Main Street.

I am going to go out tomorrow while the town is shut down and take some more photos, but here is a taste of the town I  grew up in.
I am not sure if you can read the sign properly, but this is Rocky Mountain Sporting Goods. It is a liquor store, a sporting good store, and a Hallmark.... Booze, Bows, and Bullets..... what more do you need?

Here are my parents Dane and Judy, and Joel at a restaurant called The Lapeyre.

The flag behind my dad only has 48 stars on it.... (Joel counted... then I did too just to make sure.)

Here you can count the stars on the flag too..... I know you want to.

This evening we went to the Shoshone Rose Casino on the Wind River Indian Reservation. The Rose on the other side of Lander WY. so it is about 45 minutes away. You can't take photos in the Casino so I took some in the restaurant Deka-Guy Hee.

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Thanksmas. It is a holiday we invented. Sometimes we aren't able to see each other at Christmas  so mom and dad would visit at Thanksgiving, I don't especially like coming back to Riverton so mom and dad usually come spent the holiday with me where ever I am.

I haven't been back in Riverton for probably four years..... Mom is pretty excited that we made the trip. I am happy she is happy.