Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6th 2013

Having a day off is very nice. You get to do all the things you want and/or have to do. I spent some time lazing around, wrote a little bit (not enough yet) had some good cuddles, played some Path of  Exile (free to RPG really fun, check it out). And right when we were going to go to the grocery store, Joel got called into work early..... No groceries today..... I doubt we will starve....

So what have I done with my day? I am glad you asked.

I washed the pots and cleaned the kitchen!

I tried to photography lentils and orzo. I am not really satisfied with these images.... the lighting is not so good.

Then I did some laundry, and put away ALL the laundry that has been hanging out on the couch! (You know you hate putting it away too, I don't even know why we bother with a closet and drawers)

I also ate some chocolate chips.

Now I am watching the X-files with all the lights on in the apartment. Wait.... the bathroom light isn't on.... I should probably turn that on too....

Word count: 8735 ( I will write more after I am done with the X-Files. <3 you Mulder!)