Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17th 2013

Yikes!! I am posting so late tonight!! I will be honest I was playing a game on my new Kindle Fire.
Seriously, it is a pretty fun game, but the levels take a lot longer then you realize!

Onward to today's photography! So for all my griping yesterday I took the lazy way out today..... I did pack my 50D around with me but I didn't take it out of the bag....

Sunday is the day my friends and I like to play Pathfinder. It is a roll playing game. We are a group of adventurers exploring and building a kingdom.

Katie had taken her time to paint our mini's for the adventure. This guy is her animal companion, a tree ent.  She is putting the second coat of paint on him. Katie is a fabulous artist and you should go check out here work... after you are finished reading my blog of course!

 Riley is a pretty good cook along with being our Game Master (If you don't know with that means..he keeps us on track in the story and tries to kill us with horrible monsters). He made an incredibly delicious apple pie today.

Joel and I brought some goldfish to munch on.

Justin made some very wonderful cider. Note that there is no cider left. That's how good it was.

This is what I look like in our game. I ride a hippogryph, Katie isn't quite done painting her yet. I am sure you will see more photos of our minis in the future.

And because it is still Fall and all the leaves look pretty here is a shot of some on the ground.