Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7th 2013

I am in a not so good mood today. I don't know why.... there is nothing specific that went wrong. Just a general grumpiness.... I am going to eat some peanut butter and chocolate, take a shower and call it a day. I didn't write today....

Today's random object I found in my neighborhood is a sea shell in the grass!

Here are some more leaves!

 Cool looking flowers at the grocery store.

Crow on a wire. There were a zillion crow at the street corner this morning. 

It is November 7th. I have not seen one thing for Thanksgiving! But here is the Christmas stuff?!

And finally here I am playing an Marauder in the game Path of Exile. I needed to go squash some Zombies. (Isn't my pet Kiwi cute?)