Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 28th 2013

Today we celebrated Thanksmas. As per long standing tradition we had cinnamon rolls while we opened presents.

Pootie wanted some but she was still very skeptical of Joel.

I don't have any photos of our tree or opening the presents. Dad is in charge of that.... and .... I have three camera batteries.... you think one of them would have had a charge.... Nope.... why would I want to have a charged camera battery for a special occasion?

Later in the afternoon when both cameras had full batteries Dad and I went out to take some photos. Joel and mom wanted to stay home and cook.

This is the NOAA weather station that is about 5 miles from my house.

My high school. They added the murals and the stadium after I graduated.

The view from the top of Main Street hill looking down town.

Home sweet home!

Mom and Dad spent most of the summer hauling rocks to fill in this side yard.

Mom and Joel crated a wonderful dinner or us! Joel is a vegetarian so mom made some ravioli lasagna stuff. It was very tasty!

Then we played cribbage. I lost.... badly... no biggie.... I always loose when I play with my mom.... or Joel for that matter!

And finally today's photos of Pootie and Iggy.

And last... Here is a photo of my Mom.... She HATES having her photo taken, but dad and I always do it anyway.... poor Mom.