Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 24th 2013

This is so late tonight! Let me tell you what happened. We are getting ready to go out of town, we did a last minute trip to Costco... That was fun.....

 and these happened.....

 We can home and messed around for a bit. Joel had to go to work so I cleaned the kitchen and washed clothes, then played some games.

When Joel came home from work I was still playing games with some friends. I finished playing and said "Oh no! I haven't posted my blog yet!" Then the fire alarm went off in our building.....It is the loudest, most awful noise in the world!

We stood outside in the 39 degree weather for 30 minutes waiting for the firemen to come and tell us it was okay to go back inside.

This little girl is actually our neighbor who loves to listen to Joel play his trombone.


But the firemen were not so sexy......