Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13th 2013

Yay! It is Wednesday! Today is my day off.
I saw this warty squash thing at the store.

I had lunch with this guy!

I then decided to make eggplant lasagna. This is the first time I remember making anything with an eggplant...

Joel says it was delicious. I thought it was pretty good. I am not sure if I like the taste of eggplant or not.....

While I was cooking this guy came to visit me
I don't know what kind of bug he is but he was a nice friend to hang out with while I was cooking. It sat on my shoulder. Now he is on the wall.... I didn't want  to kick him outside.... it's cold....

I used my 50D for all the photos except the ones of the bug.

Update: 11/14 Joel found my Elph, the couch really did eat it. Oh and I have been told that the bug is a Stink bug... but he didn't smell funny to me!