Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8th 2013

As I walked to work this morning, I thought about how I was tired of taking photos of stuff. I really enjoy taking photos of people, I always have. I need to figure out a way to take more portraits.

I am also going to walk home from work a different way tomorrow. I think I need some new scenery for a bit.

I found these two random objects on my way to work this morning:

 This couch was not there when I walked home last night.

 It was pretty windy... I think this blew out of the trash.... It should have been in the recycle bin.

Walking home this evening I discovered that maybe my little head lamp wasn't enough light....

  Neither were the street lamp or the moon!

On the upside I did this today.... I know I complained about Christmas stuff being out so early this year..... but, this shoot was for out clinic Christmas card. These are just a little taste. You will have to wait for closer to Christmas to see the photo for our card!

Inky really just sat in the box with the hat on when we walked away to look at the photos. Even George had to come check out her cool Christmas digs. I think she would have sat there all afternoon, but she decided that eating the garland was a good idea so she got booted from the set.

Last but not least, I am actually in this photo three times. You have to look close!

And..... I didn't write anything at all yesterday.... I am going to start writing as soon as I hit post.... I have to catch up my word count! Yikes!