Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30th 2014

Today Jen and I had the great idea of making cloaks for the up coming renaissance fair! We went to Fabric Depot to get some fabric. FYI they have a lounge for all those who were drug don't want to look at fabric with their significant other.

Here Jen is waiting for her fabric to be cut.

No, the My Little Pony fabric isn't for her cloak......

We found some neat patterns on line at Fleece Fun. Visit her web page she has lots of fun things to make! We added some trim to the patterns we picked. That turned our "hour-long project" into an all day affair.

Winding the Bobbin.... I should have paid closer attention to the background.

Here is Jen working:

For all the hours I spent today, I ended up with a hood and a cloak. My gathering stitch broke so I stopped for the night.

It isn't perfect but it is pretty good for my beginner sewing skills. I am sure there was an easier way to put trim on something but, we didn't know it.

Hope you have a great night!!

Joel and I are driving to Las Vegas for his family reunion tomorrow. I hope I will be able to get my blog posts up. If I am not able to rest assured I am taking photos!