Friday, August 1, 2014

July 31st 2014

We set out for Winnemucca, our first leg of the trip to Vegas, a little later then I wanted to but, since it was only eight and a half hours of driving that was okay.

I guess I didn't realize how much nothing was between Portland and Winnemucca.... I had planned to stop and let Joel take his driving shift and get a late lunch around 3:00. There was nothing but desert around us at 3:00, so I kept driving. We stopped in Hines for some much needed gas and food. I spotted a little junk store across the street from the restaurant and wanted to check it out. It was closed, but it had a neat old sign and some other things to take photos of outside.

We were caught looking around by the owner. I explained to him I thought his old sign was neat and I was taking its photo. He told us that the sewer line had broken and that is why he had to put up his new sign. He seemed to enjoy that I liked his old sign.

The sun was in and out of the clouds.

We got to Winnemucca at around 9:30. We made pretty good time. We stopped at a Best Western to see about a room, and there were none. There were no hotel rooms to speak of in all of Winnemucca. They had an event going on. I guess I should have planned a place to stay a little better too. Oh well. We decided to find some real food and keep going is was only 116 miles to Fallon.

Marilyn thought it was pretty funny we didn't have a place to stay....
When we left Winnemucca the thunder storm we had been watching found us and dumped a bunch of rain.

Hope all is well with you. I should be able to post tonight. Depending on the WiFi in Vegas. Onward Only 400 miles to Vegas!