Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 2nd 2014

We went to The Strip. We aren't big gamblers so it seemed like something to do. I wanted to look at the Venetian and the Flamingo (the bird habitat in the Flamingo anyway...)

He's so handsome....

The Venetian:

I met a neat "statue"

They had a da Vinci exhibit about his different machines. It was $30 to go in we chose not to go in... there were some teaser exhibits we looked at those.

Fan Gun
 This is an Archimedean screw:

There are tons of shops in the Venetian (there are tons of shops everywhere on the strip) but the most interesting one was a rare book store. I don't know how they price the books but I thought it was a little bit crazy. Did you know you could get a first addition, hard back copy of Charlotte's Web for $4000.....

Jackie was checking out the Constitution. Good thing Lincoln was there.....?

 The Flamigo:

In the bird habitat there are also some very large Koi.

There was even a Robin in the garden!

We also decided that we would venture over to Ceasars Palace (why doesn't it have an apostrophe?!) since we had bit of time. We met this guy on the over pass! It is a Figeater beetle (Cotinis mutabilis). I was worried that it was an escaped insect but they are a native species to the area. They are a kind of Scarab Beetle.

Ceasars Palace is a huge place. I didn't really like it....

After this trip to the Strip, I decided there was no need to go back there again. I am sure that Las Vegas has other things to do... like the new Mob museum that recently opened.... or Red Rocks Canyon....