Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19th 2014

Jen and I got some new boots for the Renaissance Faire! We are slowly piecing together our costumes!

I also made the head of a two handed hammer. My character's weapon of choice (.... you didn't think I would be some foo-foo lady did you?...okay next time we go I am totally going to be a faerie....) I need to put a coat of gesso, paint it and find a handle.

It was another super hot day here today. It was like a sauna in the room I was photographing students in! I made some ice tea and Jen and I sat down to watch a few episodes of Once. We even got to do it without the boys! We had no one bothering us!

Well, except for Neutron.... but then he found Pig.... (pig is his best friend)

Alright, I have to go make my lunch and take a shower.... Hope everyone has a good night!