Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 21st 2014

I saw lots of neat stuff today! Too bad I was driving down the interstate and couldn't pull over and take any photos.... There was a really neat sunrise, some neat fields with mist rising from them, hot and air balloons.....

You are stuck looking at these photos taken after I got home from my longest work day. I started driving at 6:15AM and got home at 10:15 PM. It was fun thought. I took 265 students' photos today.

Here is what my odometer said when I got home:

Here is what all the equipment in my car looked like:

Here's what I looked like:

I think my feet might fall off.....

Even just messing around on the internet is hard....

Joel and I have some plans to go take some photos tomorrow! I hope everyone has a great night!