Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 7th 2014

Today was a much better day at training. I probably had a bad case of Newbie jitters and everything seemed worse then it actually was.

I a pretty excited. I feel that I am going to be encouraged to do my own creative projects outside of work and there are contests that I am able to enter, that (I hear) give you a great critique.

My orchid started opening today.

The Prayer Plant look pretty neat too!

I also conducted a black cat experiment, thankfully Neutron cooperated.

This photo was taken on auto. I knew it wouldn't come out right but, I wanted to see how far off it was. It isn't horrible, but it isn't that great either. (He is recovering from a small break out of feline acne on his chin.)

Here are my manual images:

I feel that I am improving my black cat photo taking skills a little at a time.

This sticker was on the table at training. It made me laugh, since training is at an armory.

Hope you all have a great night! I am really excited about learning all I can right now and really improving my skills. I contacted a local photography club and hopefully I will be able to go with them on a field trip on Saturday!