Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9th, 2017

Work seems to take up more of my time then I really think is necessary. It also takes up most of the daylight hours in the winter.

The world thawed out today, which is nice. I am really tired of snow and ice. It is good to have some rain back with temperatures being 40ish degrees.

Inky and I still sit in front of the space heater in the evening.

For my latest non-photography art project, I ripped up a book. Ripping up a book is sort of emotionally disturbing, at least for me..... I have always really love books and it felt pretty wrong to rip out its pages then rip those pages into smaller pieces.  But I did it for the sake of art!

Detail of my latest work in progress
I have really enjoyed painting and crane making and collaging with little papers.

I think I will start an album of my other art work on the 6005 Photos facebook page,  or you can look though my instagram gallery (@jessies6005)

I am hoping for a tiny, very small photo adventure tomorrow..... so until then, have a great night!