Saturday, January 14, 2017

January 14th, 2017

It was another cold day, so I did what I do a lot.

I made some cranes.

I also thought about politics. There is so much hate and anger right now. So many people are filled with pain they are lashing out at each other.

I love origami cranes. It isn't just their representation of hope, love, and peace.  Each one is truly unique. They are all made from the same exact folds but each one has its own imperfections. I have folded thousands of cranes. Each one has been different, even if the paper is the same.

To me cranes are the world. Each of our experiences fold us, shapes us, we are all so different. Yet there is something that is the same. We smile, we love, we hurt. There are tears and laughter.

When I fold 1000 cranes, it isn't about their differences, it becomes about the cranes sameness. What they are at their essence: little paper birds.

Maybe we are all just little paper birds trying to make our way in the world. Every experience reshapes us, takes pieces of us.

Until torn and tattered we come to rest.

Our experiences have brought us all together, for good and bad.  We can tear each other apart or lift each other up.

My hope is that we lift each other higher then we ever thought possible.

Is what I said coming from my place of white privilege?  I don't think so, but if it is let me know, I have my own imperfections that I would like to iron out.
That might have gotten a little deep... here is Inky: