Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 19th, 2015

You know what is crazy about this trip? This:

I think about 75% if the eggs we had on this trip were double yolked (we had about 64 eggs)..... the eggs even came from different stores, in different towns..... I don't recall ever seeing a double yolked egg before.

After some internet research, I found out that " Double-yolked eggs are often laid by young hens, whose hormones are not yet fully 'in tune'. A double-yolked egg results when two ova are released at the same time." (Source) We should have kept better track.... I guess we could have broken a record or something.

Joel and I went to Garibaldi to get gas for the car. It seems the Steam Engine was having a bit of trouble:

  It was a little overcast. This is what we saw around sunset.

There are tons and tons of crazy jumping "bugs" all over the beach. It turns out they are some kind of Amphipods, little shrimp like crustaceans. I don't know what specific kind this guy is but man he was fast!

This is not a sand flea like we thought, sand fleas look totally different!

Emo Sea Gull

Vs. Emo Joel:

One last look at the sunset:

Hope you have a great night!

Yes, I was that cold.....