Friday, March 18, 2016

Playing Catch Up

Hi Everyone!

I am sorry I took a very sudden, unplanned hiatus from my project. I assure you that everything is fine, nothing terrible happened.  I suppose you could say I had an artist melt down, or just a life melt down. I didn't even want to take photos, so I knew something was really wrong. I went to the doctor and I started taking an anti-depressant. It has helped me considerably.

Through out my time away from my blog and social media I have been taking photos don't you worry. Not all of them are worth taking up memory in cyberspace so I have distilled down my favorites. I hope you enjoy this little offering. Everything should be back to normal tomorrow.

Thanks Everyone, I missed you.

Cleaning Mr. Pants' tank.

Old book of Poetry

book pages

We made the cat ears ourselves

Joel's toe

Joel said-- "You aren't posting your blog.... how will people know what I got you for Valentine's day?"

pretend this is something cool and microscopic, not just a sponge.....


Have a great night! See you tomorrow!!

Oh, and check out what I did..... I know you are all jealous!