Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 25th, 2017

Well, I am garbage at keeping up with my posts.....

My Dad's 70th birthday is on June 26th, I wanted to go spend time with him, and my uncles that were coming into town. I left Boise earlyish, and stopped to get gas for my car in Mountain Home, only 46 miles away. When I started up my car, Google told me to go right--the opposite direction of the freeway-- and I went along with it. I haven't driven back to Wyoming for many years, so I just went along with the GPS......

Little did I know, this was the start of my week long adventure.

I soon found myself in an unfamiliar landscape. At first glance I thought  a terrible fire swept through the prairie turning it all black, but I was wrong. Volcanic rock covered the plains; somehow I stumbled into Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve.  I will have to go back for another visit. The landscape is incredible, and not so easy to photograph in the bright sun. I will have to plan a trip to go back during the early morning light, or the evening light. (On a personal side note, I LOVE volcanoes......This is super cool.)

Taken with 50D

Taken with 50D

Taken with Samsung Galaxy S6
It is amazing to me how much life is out there in such a harsh landscape! Flowers, plant, insects, arachnids, birds, mammals, and reptiles, all going about there business of survival.

Taken with Canon 50D
 There is so much more life there then in the perfectly manicured lawns of my apartment complex....

There is very little cellphone service in the back roads of Idaho, I texted my folks to let them know where I was. Dad sent a message back to me telling me how to get home. He told me to stay on Highway 20 when it split from Highway 26.

This is one of my favorite things about driving on the plains, does the road fall off the end of the earth? who know!
Taken with Samsung Galaxy 6s

I didn't actually read it correctly...... and I ended  up in Blackfoot, Idaho instead of Idaho Falls.... which is no big deal.... I just added more time to my already longer trip.

Outside of Idaho Falls there is wonderful farmland. All the times I have driven though the area I don't ever remember it being in bloom.

Taken with Canon 50D

Taken with Canon 50D

Taken with Canon 50D

Taken with Canon 50D
I believe this is a canola field, one of many along the highway. Potato farmers have started using canola in their crop rotations. The canola helps enrich the soil for the potatoes and provides the farmers a good crop.

I still had two mountain passes to drive over before I got home so I stopped taking photos along the way.... my 8.5 hour drive was quickly turning into 11 hours.....

I made it all the way to Riverton,  and got to see this cute guy, IGGY POP! (and my parents)

Take Care!!

There is more Wyoming Adventure on the way!