Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 7th, 2015

Jen, Amanda (Jen's co-worker), and I went on the Raptor Road Trip, with the Portland Audubon Society. We went to Sauvie Island to look for the birds of prey. The early morning weather was pretty terrible but it ended up being quite a beautiful day.

Note: all the speck in the sky in this photo are actually birds....

We saw Sandhill Cranes, they like to winter on the island.

The fog rolled back in later in the morning.

oops... I mean frog.... (a Pacific Tree Frog maybe?)

Here is Jen spotting some birds!

She had to take a closer at some birds we found.

These decoys fooled us! If we were birds then we would be toast because, the hunter came while we were looking!
We did find a raptor close enough for me to get some photos of! Here is a juvenile Bald Eagle. I think it is a 2nd year.

All the other raptors we saw were display birds from the Audubon Society.

Very small female Great Horned Owl

Turkey Vulture!

A Raven! Okay a raven isn't a raptor but they are really cool!

We had a good day birding. We did see quite a few Red-tailed Hawks, adult, and juvenile  Bald Eagles, but, none of them were close enough for me to photograph.

Hope you have a great night!