Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feburary 3rd, 2015

Sorry for the late post, I am 98% sure that I am starting a new job tomorrow that came to me out of the blue and I was in training for a long time today. I will tell you more probably tomorrow.

Artemis has started to do this really funny thing, when I open his cage he hops out and starts to play with the bamboo plant.

He saw me taking his photos and then stopped being cute and hopped back on his cage:

Gave me a dirty look, then went to sit with fish and ignore me.....

So, I tried to take some photos of Illaghri. She is out more now since she has a heat lamp.

But, she was having none of it tonight, as well..... and went back in her coconut....

Grouchy Pants sat still for me though. It might be because she was trying to figure out how she could eat me..... look at her beady eyes......

I have a feeling I might have a little less creative energies in the coming days as I settle in to my new routine. I'm going to thank you in advance to sticking with me. I know I will figure out the balance.