Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 9th, 2015

We went to the Oregon Zoo today. Jen took us behind the scenes!

Joel and I met Oshi. He is a Toucan who used to be a pet, but his owner realized that he needed a better environment and the zoo took him in. We got to throw him blueberries.

Yup, that's his tongue!

Bebeto was feeling shy today, he didn't want to to have his photo taken or eat peanuts from us.

We did get to get up close to the Hydrosaurus.

This is the new little girl Hydrosaur. I can't remember her name right now....

Ferdinand let me take some close-ups!

To the insects! (These didn't come out as well as I wanted.)

a young male lubber's grasshopper

Australian walking stick

adult male Brazilian cockroach

juvenile Brazilian cockroach

Yay! Grasshopper!!

Here is Clyde. She is performing in the Wildlife Live show.

A hippo:

My favorite snoozing lizard:

He woke up for a second.

We had a fun day!

Thanks Jen for letting us behind the scenes!