Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 16th, 2016

We took a walk along the green belt before Meigan and Carolyn had to fly home.

Part of the Fire Fighters Memorial

Yes,  Joel is that much taller than everyone (Carolyn, Meigan, Brenda, Josie)

Of course no trip to Boise would be complete without a trip to Brenda's house. She also has a cool yard, and flowers, and all sorts of neat stuff!

I feel like this flower is looking back at me......

Brenda also had some young chickens!

She's in the awkward stage.....
And then here sister jumped on my head!

look at Joel's face! He was laughing so hard!

All I have to say is, at least it didn't poop on me, like the last chicken I met in Boise.......

After our adventures, Autumn made us AMAZING BBQ veggies!!

Have a great night!!