Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 21st, 2016

I have decided that as an artist I am really, really, good at seeing what is there and freezing tiny moments in time. Sometimes I feel like that isn't very interesting and I want to create my own original art, that only comes my my hands and brain.

The trouble is, that when I try to create new things, I sometimes feel very frustrated that they don't look "real" enough. Probably the photojournalist in me. I am now trying something new. I found a very  cool artist on Instagram: Mirahroelfscollages. Look her up if you want. I will tell you more about her on Sunday, I am going to meet her and have her sign some of the art of bought from Society6.

She like her name says she makes collages. I thought I would try to make a collage too.

Remember my paintings from the other day?

Well, they were turned into these works in progress:

I also painted some skulls, you know how much I love skulls!

This one actually looks pretty cool.... huh....

Well, there you go.... some art by me.... that isn't a photograph or a crane. I am feeling pretty good about it, it may not be the most awesome stuff but it is fun to be creative in other ways too!

Hope you have a good night!