Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 20th 2014

So, today is Joel's birthday. He requested a white chocolate banana cream pie. I got him one from the neat little pie shop A la Mode Pies. Here is the Facebook page. I placed an internet order telling them I wanted to pick up my pie at 10am.

It wasn't ready when I got there.

You know what they did?!
They gave me a free piece of pie and some tea because my pie wasn't ready yet!

This is barely out of the oven Marion berry hazelnut pie.

That was totally unexpected and awesome. ( I didn't even have to wait that long for my pie.... it was about 20 minutes.) It made it feel like my birthday!

You can watch them cook through the window.

This is the Awesome guy that gave me a free piece of pie!

Here are other pies waiting to be picked up.

I dropped Joel off for work this morning by 9.... so I had an hour to kill before I could pick up the pie in the first place. I walked around the couple blocks of Phinney Ridge by the pie shop. Here is what I saw:

Yes, this tiny slide was chained to a tree.....

This tag was in several places in the neighborhood. This was my favorite one.
Here is Joel's pie!

Happy Birthday Joel!! I love you!!