Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25th 2014

Today turned into a beautiful sunny day. I of course was inside at work.

But those working days are numbered, at least here in Seattle. I think I met the girl who is going to take over for me at the clinic. She will be coming in on Tuesday to spend some time and see if she is right for the job, or the job is right for her. I am not exactly sure when my last day will be though.

This is a little unnerving.... it is weird to meet your potential replacement.... even though I initiated the change, it still feels strange... I feel strange about the whole idea of chucking everything in Seattle and moving to Portland.  It is what I want to do but, part of me wants to stay here, where I know I have a job and a place to live...... I will have these things in Portland too, but as far as starting up my own photography business,

I am not sure what I am doing....

I will figure it out, plus I have all kinds of friends and family who will support me!

Feel free to pick which one you are.
Okay... enough of me going on......

Here is a photo of a Daleck going to exterminate the first gold foil crane I ever folded.
That is poor Crane Zero. He is in my 1000 cranes blog.

And I figured out how to make some neat tokens to use when we play Pathfinder.

But maybe I will hide under a blanket for a little bit, and gather all my courage to set out on a new incredible adventure!

Honestly, I think having all this time to think about it is just making me crazy!