Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22nd 2014

It was raining much harder then I thought this morning.... well played mother nature.... well played.

Anyway..... I found this this morning, I was concerned at first there was someone in trouble, but is was just blankets. I am still a little disturbed......

I know everyone was just waiting for more photos of raindrops on flowers and leaves!

I was pretty excited that I found an insect.

The tree that was cut down yesterday had some interesting rings..... the middle part was very red.

I am still struggling with my decision to move, not only because moving is such a pain and downsizing is daunting, but because my decision has negatively impacts my boss. She is a good friend, we are almost sister like in our interactions. Seeing her struggle to replace me is pretty difficult.

And the thought of leaving Inky behind breaks my heart. I know she will be cared for and very happy, but she is very dear to me and I wish I could keep her close.