Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 13th, 2014

Yay!! Happy 12-13-14!!

Today was my first time ever feeding the frogs. It probably went as well as you can expect... fruit flies are hard to wrangle, in case anyone wanted to know.... you need to put the lid on really tight or they all escape... everywhere.....

I must have done something right because Jean-Luc and Nela were very happy to pose for me! They are red  Adephobates galactonotus.



This is Q, I don't know what this one's name is (Jen will probably tell me) but he is a Dendrobates auratus. We played hide and seek for a while.

Getting good photos of the little frogs is yet another project on my to do list.... I think these ones turned out pretty well.

Hope you have a good night!!

Can you tell what color the background of my computer was?