Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 27th, 2014

You didn't think it would be long before I started another crazy project.... right?

Well, I have been slowly working on this one for a while. I decided that I was going to fold 1000 cranes from 1000 different papers. I have been gathering different origami papers  for about a year or so. I am no where close to 1000. Tonight I was trying to figure out how to catalog all the paper so I had an accurate count. Joel said I should take a photo of each paper then I wouldn't have to get all the paper out to check if I had a paper.  I agreed.

I didn't have to work alone though. I had help.

She even let me take a few photos of her!

You didn't think I would let you off with out seeing some of my papers did you?

Hope you have a great night!!