Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24th 2014

First here is George making out with his foot. For some reason this cracks me up!

I accidentally left a box top on the counter and this happened:

We picked up the UHaul this afternoon! It wasn't as big and as terrifying as I thought it would be.... mostly.

Here it is empty, I was sure all of our things wouldn't fit the back.

But it all did! With a little room to spare. The two guys that helped us pack were from Good Times Moving. They were Ed and Wayne. They were almost as old as my father and I felt bad for having them pack a moving truck.... but it is what they are choosing to do with their time....  Ed did an amazing job tetrising all of the boxes and furniture in. (Sorry I don't have photos.... I was hauling boxes around too!)

Here is what it looks like all packed! There is still some room for the miscellaneous things that we have left to pack.

I also had some time to take some photos of flowers. (I drove the truck and Joel went to get us some lunch.... he had all the keys to get back into the apartment building.....)

Joel and I went out for one last meal at Taste of India. It has been our go to restaurant when ever we were hungry, needless to say we have eaten there A LOT! We told the owner it was our last meal before we were moving and he came back and said "Your last meal is on me!"
We couldn't believe it!  

I have to drive the fully loaded truck to Portland in the morning! Hope everyone has a great night!!