Friday, May 9, 2014

May 9th 2014

Joel's last day of work is tomorrow.... my last day of work is..... well, I don't know when.... we haven't found anyone to replace me yet....

Jen has found us a pretty good place to live in Portland (Beaverton actually) it will be very affordable. Joel might move down and leave me here to work for a while.... We thought we might get a bit of vacation together... but it appears that might not happen.

This is a close up of clear packing tape.

And some duct tape

I made Inky a hat today... I don't think she was impressed.

My boss bought me this!!

                                                                                                        It was a n awesome threat!

These are an awesome treat too! (they were even pretty inexpensive at Costco)

Sorry for the lack luster photos the past two days....  I am not handling my stress and frustration very well....