Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 28th 2014

Today things are settling in to the new "normal" that will be my life for probably the next month. It is a little bit hard to be away from Joel and in my own personal environment, but  I will start training the new person at work soon and I will get to go home.

I went with Kathryn today to get a dog. She has been looking at him for a few days on the internet and today we took Syd to meet him.

We had to wait for PAWS to open. So we wondered around and took some photos.

I think these are Salmon Berries.

Here is a kitty waiting for its forever home.... I wanted to go say hi to all the kitties, but I decided not to do it. It would just make me really sad and I would want to take them all home.

I also came across this spider..... it was nearly as big as the cat....

Probably because it eats these enormous flies.....

And here are some flowers:

Finally here is little Buddy Nunzio! He got his new forever home today with Kathryn and Syd!