Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26th 2014

The first thing we did this morning when we go up was go get some breakfast!

Sesame Donuts is probably one of the Portland area's best  kept secrets. The donuts are amazing and really inexpensive. The best thing: $1.50 for 15 donut holes. The best donut hole? Why the Sesame ones of course!! Who knew that sesame seeds would taste so amazing on a donut! I am so happy to have this little shop in my life again!! 

We also had lunch with some good friends I hadn't seen in ages! Yay!! Cassie and Alex!

 Here is a tiny rose I found... The wind kept blowing it everywhere.....

This is a leaf from a Kiwi tree!

I am just about to drive back to Seattle. I am pretty worn out from all the moving and changes..... I am hoping that I won't have to stay too long and can get started with my new life in Oregon!

Have a good night!!