Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26th, 2015

Today was Uncle Geoff's Funeral.

I made him this crane. I am not the best at drawing but I made him a tribute mandala.

We made wontons.... tons and tons of wontons. Grandma Chiz and Tam used to make wontons for Uncle Geoff's art show openings.

Joel and Arthur

Left to right: Joel, Arthur, Shane, and Corwin

Joel was in charge of frying ALL the wontons.



Yum! Arthur is doing quality control.

Grandma Judy

Thank goodness Anita let us use her kitchen to make all the wontons!

Left to right: Arthur, Shane, Joel, Jasper..... Corwin is missing

Anita's hanging pumpkin.

This is Anita's cat, Eclette (sp). I, in fact, caught this kitty as a feral kitten about 5 years ago.


After the funeral, I was volunteered to do group photos, and I didn't mind in the least!

Joel, his brother and first cousins

Pretty much Joel's whole family on his mom's side

Corwin, Jasper, Joel, Tam, Shane, and Arthur

It was nice to celebrate Uncle Geoff's life with his wonderful family!

Have a great night!