Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 11th 2014

So this happens now when Syd wants to look out the window:

Yup, that is the table....

I saw these little flowers today!

Then I went to hang out with Britteny and Alan in there garden they have at a friend's house. The garden has a blog! Check it out if you want!

This is borage. I hear that it is very tasty and people eat the little blue flowers covered with sugar.

There were so many delicious things in the garden!

And wonderful flowers!

There were also some aphids!

okay... a ton of aphids!!

My shoe broke too....

Not to worry! We took a trip to Fred Meyer. I got new flip flops and we got some Ladybugs!

It was so much fun to let the ladybugs go in the garden. I want to buy more ladybugs and let them go.

Britteny planted some heirloom tomatoes that she grew from seeds!

There was a worm!

Feyd helped.

And the  fire hydrant was rusty with peeling paint.

It was a good day!

oh! and I learned that snails aren't supposed to like copper...