Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13th 2014

Tonight I had an adventure in the underworld of Seattle! We went on the underworld tour from Underground Tours. It was pretty neat. I learned all about how prostitution helped shape Seattle in the early days of the city.

We were under the current streets of Seattle. So there was lots of neat rusty, old stuff to take photos of. I bumped my ISO all the way to 3200, so the image quality isn't amazing but it looks pretty good for the amount of light I had to work with.

Our guide.

These are the sky lights.... I have walked over them thinking they were just some sort of art glass in the sidewalk.....

The Teller's Cage is where many of the underground ghost stories come from.

I guess the bank teller was shot during a robbery .....

The old bank vault

Detail of the vault door

After tour drinks!
and for no reason..... Inky in a basket.