Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 4th 2014

Katie and I went to the Bellevue Art Museum today!

We went to check out the origami exhibit they had. It was pretty cool. I also did some experimenting with my little pink camera. I found the button that allows me to change the ISO.... it took me long enough to randomly happen upon that feature.... my dad kept telling me it was there and I could never find it.... I am not sure the quality of my photos today are the best, due to the experiment and the fact that am I using a not so great monitor.....

Here we are looking down from the roof of the museum.

We went through the Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami  exhibit. I got to see some of the models I have looked at in book! Most of these models were made from a single sheet of paper as well.

Joel!! When are  you going to make this guy?
Divine Dragon by Satoshi Kamiya (Kozo paper)

Grasshopper by Brian Chan (Handmade Oigamido paper)

Emperor Scorpion HP, opus 593 by Robert J. Lang (one uncut square of Korean hanji paper)

Summer Ikebana by John Blackman (various papers, wire, and floral tape)

Summer Ikebana detail 

Mantis Shrimp, version 2 by Victoria Serova (one 70 cm square of tracing paper) 

Boom! by Vincet Floderer (Wenzhou calligraphy paper, water color and Indian ink)

Detail of Out on a Limb by Bernie Peyton (Anolis Lizard: one square of back coated Shikibu Gampi Paper)

Frog by Micheal G. Lafosse 

Detail of Velociraptor Skeleton by Hieu Tran Trung 

Detail of Frog on a Leaf by Bernie Payton (Leaf: one rectangular sheet of Fabriano backed with Mango. Frog: One square sheet of back coated Shikibu Gampi Shi )

Double-Headed Eagle, Russian by Vicotria Serova (one 70 cm square of wrapping paper)

Detail of Gecko and Fly on a Wall by Herman van Goubergan (Elephant hide (Elefantenhaut) paper)

Pangolin by Eric Joisel (one square of uncut paper)

Pangolin detail

 I want to try to fold this one. I just have to convince Joel to cut the paper for me. I have the instructions for this one!
Peace Sphere by Lina Tomoko Mihara (18 cranes from a single sheet of paper, with cuts, no glue)

Detail of Tessellation Mix Technique by Tomoko Fuse (Washi paper)

Detail of Tessellation Mix Technique by Tomoko Fuse (Washi paper)

Detail of Tessellation Mix Technique by Tomoko Fuse (Washi paper)

The crease patterns of origami are just as beautiful as the models. I wish there was a model to go with this one!
Crease Pattern for No Representation without Corrugation Crab by Sipho Mabona (300-gram water paper, acrylic paint)

Detail of Double Wave by Goran Konjevod (one 24-inch square (Elephant hide (Elefantenhaut) paper)

Whirlpool Pattern 00810 Tomoko Fuse (Washi paper)

Snowstorm by Christine Edison (Wyndstone Marble Paper)
 These next pieces are Computational Origami!  Here is a link what Robert J. Lang has to say about Computational Origami. Basically it is a melding of computer science and origami.

Hexagonal Tower Designed by David Huffman, Folded by Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine and Duks Koschitz (Polyvinyl cholride PVC) 

detail of Hexagonal Tower

Origami Dome Collapsible Tent Deigned by Bob Gillis of Shelter Systems (plastic)
 I don't have the artist information for these next pieces..... I am sorry......

Kendo Lamp by Sipho Mabona (Tyvek)
 This next model was so amazing to me! You can't quite tell because of the lighting but it is on a mirror, the reflection is the bottom part of the jaw!

Skull by Herman van Goubergen ( (Elephant hide (Elefantenhaut) paper)

Detail of Skull

Detail of Skull
My favorite thing to fold is Cranes! I have folded thousands of them! (I'm not exaggerating either!)

This little tiny crane was folded by Sadako Sasaki Her life story was written as the children's story, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr. Sadako was in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb fell, she was only two. In February 1955 she was diagnosed with leukemia. She began folding 1000 cranes, she didn't have much paper, only what a friend would bring her from school. Sadako would use candy wrappers to fold her cranes. Some of the wrappers were so small that she would use a needle to fold them! (Thanks Wikipedia)
(I am sad these ones didn't come out better. the glass case was a real problem with these.)
Origami Crane by Sadako Sasaki (candy wrapper)

Detail Fold, don't Read! by Miri Golan (Israeli) and Niveen Abu Ghannam (Palestinian) (Hebrew and Arabic Newspapers)

Detail Fold, don't Read! by Miri Golan (Israeli) and Niveen Abu Ghannam (Palestinian) (Hebrew and Arabic Newspapers)

I have folded the model on the front of this book!!
Katie and I even added a crane to the wall in the interactive room! I think we were supposed to make pinwheels....
He is a little sloppy.... the construction paper wasn't quite square....

Katie and I then went to explore the rest of the museum.

I am not going to lie Kathy Venter's work was not my cup of tea, but she really does an amazing job of sculpting people.

These ones are done from photographs of people in water. 

From Kathy Venter: Life, Immersion Series

I like the work of Dan Webb much better! He did some amazing things with wood! (I don't have the names for all these pieces. I am really sorry Dan Webb.....) 

Katie next to Chair Stack by Peter Pierobon (bronze)

These were made by pouring molten glass on paper!

Traces of the Molten State by Etsuko Ichikawa (Glass pyrograph on paper)

We then had some delicious cream puffs from Beard Papa's!

Hope  you have a great night!