Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14th 2014

I learned I may NOT go unattended to an Arts Festival.

Kathryn and I went to the Edmond's Art Festival today, but first we had happy hour at the Loft.

This is my peach bellini.

I had a dark and stormy (thanks for telling me about that drink Sarah!) in a copper mug.
I know my copy work isn't the best, but here is the art I purchased today. They were all local northwest artist!

These wonderful mermaids are by Jill Haney-Neal. (she is the only one not from Washington, she lives in Sisters OR.)

She's my favorite!

I got this great piece for my dad! Happy Father's Day Dad!! It is a painting by Dean Rocky Barrick. The artist told me that this steam engine actually lives in Portland! It is part of the Salem-Portland Seattle line. It is housed the Oregon Rail Heritage Center. I think we will have to take a trip there when Dad comes to visit.

I really like Noelle Dass. Her work is fun. I got this piece because it is a good reminder to me about how I want to be living.

My FAVORITE pieces I bought today are by Kyoko Niikuni. She uses Washi paper to create Chigiri-e. She teases the fibers of the washi paper apart to create images that at look like water color paintings. They were amazing to see.  I am so happy that I found her booth. I have been wanting some art work depicting the dancing cranes. I wish I could afford an original.

Oh! I got this guy too! Hooray for metal grasshoppers! He was sculpted by Briston Trapp. He said that I was the only one that even looked at the grasshopper in the past two festivals he was in and he wasn't going to make anymore. I am very glad I gave this guy a home. Because you always need metal grasshopper sculptures. (did you know I love grasshoppers? Well, I do.....)

Supporting local artists is always good right? I am going to try joining them soon. I hope people will come out and support me!