Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8th 2014

Today was supposed to be full of getting stuff done! We didn't accomplish as much as I wanted too.... oh well, we got some good stuff done.....

Like Joel got a haircut!

I am not sure what he is doing in this photo.......
We also went all the way to the other side of Portland to go to Ikea..... That place is bonkers! It is like a strange little city all unto itself..... We escaped and for our efforts made only two impulse buys.... a spatula for my dad, (Happy Father's Day Dad! you get a spatula!) and a pack of cutting boards.

We did get these funny key hooks to put our keys on! Dog Butts!!

I got a new desk chair and a desk! Here is Joel putting my new desk together!

Unfortunately, the awesome pink molding was coming apart on one side of the desktop...... Not to worry! I called Super Shane!! He can fix anything! (He is also Joel's older brother.... he live so close to us now!) He also has the tools to fix anything!

While the boys were fixing my desk I got hijacked my niece Maddy. She's pretty cute....

Now if you don't like SPIDERS stop looking at my blog now!!

This is Miss Grouchy Pants! She is a Brazilian Black and White Tarantula. I will probably be photographing here more so just be aware that this can happen.... I will try to warn people....

 This scary hut belongs to Illaghri, the Coasta Rican Zebra Stripe Tarantula. She currently is not taking any visitors at this time.

Have good night!!

This was taken pre-haircut!