Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14th, 2015

I had this feeling that I needed to go back to Summerlake Park, so I did. I am really glad I went.

Yesterday, I saw these chew marks but didn't photography them, but I did think, beaver!! I was very excited at the prospect of seeing a beaver. I looked around the area but didn't see a dam.

I asked Jen what she thought. She told me that nutria will chew trees like beavers. I had no idea.  I kept an eye out for nutria around the lake, but I should have looked behind me. This nutria walked down the hill and went though all the duck like I wasn't even standing there.

It exited the water just a few feet from where I stood and just looked at me.

It seems to have a small wound near its eye.

Yeah, I guess those could chew down a tree....
It turns out the Great Blue Heron was not a statue after all. It was only pretending so it could find some food.

I saw these little birds yesterday and didn't get a good photo of them. Turns out this isn't some sort of duck! It is an American Coot.

It has creepy red eyes.....
These are male American Wigeons.

I think this is a little song sparrow.

And this might be a non-breeding male house sparrow.

The crows were very active at Summerlake. The other parks I have been too haven't had as many crows.

He was yelling at a cat on the porch, the cat didn't care.....

This is my favorite picture from today!

There were many American Robins out today!

And this Varied Thrush was digging though the leaves with his best girl.

Jen said it was pretty rare to see these birds out in the open.

It was such a neat trip to the park. I feel so lucky that I get to interact with wild animals so close to my house!. It is amazing to have these parks in urban areas.

Hope you have a great night!