Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20th, 2015

Today there was a large squirrel ruckus outside our front door.

We thought that Nutmeg (a.k.a. Mom Squirrel) was upset about something. She was making so much noise we could hear her in the house.

I went a took some photos of the happenings.

This squirrel was there:

and this baby squirrel was looking a little nervous:

It was only after I came in and looked at the photos I noticed something odd:

I don't recall Nutmeg having such a bulge....

Here are two photos I have taken of Nutmeg that the end of November. Note that  her ear tufts are quite pronounced and her fur is a little more brown.Neutron and I both saw her a few days ago still sporting her tufts.



This squirrel is much more grey and has no ear tufts.

Was this new squirrel taking over Nutmeg's nest? Or was he just trying to get a piece of tail.... apparently December though February is  squirrel mating season. (the first of two in a year).

What are your thoughts? Was it Nutmeg?

I guess only time will tell what has happened out front and what our squirrels are doing. Don't worry I will keep you in the loop.

Hope you have a great night.